The Pilates Salon

The Pilates Salon offers one-on-one Pilates apparatus training and group Pilates mat, barre, and rebounding classes with certified instructors Marjorie Loughran and Julia Hartman.

Sue H.'s winning essay (among 2,000 entries) in the Balanced Body "Who Moves You" Contest: 

Three years ago this month I noticed a new sign on my way home from my work. I was overweight, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually bereft. My approach to my life responsibilities, draining. I called. Marjorie, gracious and inviting, booked my first lesson. I felt happy, calm, relieved. Biweekly lessons since, psorasis covering fifty percent of my skin cleared. Diabetes gone. I FEEL healthy, alert. Marjorie has taught me the method. She inspires me to eat healthy, value myself, and do the hundred. My career has had a 40% increase in salary, and satisfaction. My marriage is vibrant. I AM STRONG. I have no aches and pains, I have no medications any more. I wake up refreshed and vibrant, Friends and family wonder what I am up to. An affair? No, I am lucky to have found an outstanding Pilates instructor. I live in Broome County NY, an impoverished area. The economy has not been kind. That's OK. We have "The Pilates Salon" and Marjorie. I am grateful for this opportunity to express my appreciation for my Pilates instructor and feel fortunate to have two private lesson a week for three years. I know my core, my life and (everyone at work and at home) has Marjorie and Pilates to thank for my current success and position in life. Marjorie has mastery of the method, and of life. Her teaching will indeed Inspire and improve the lives of all the people she meets in the future. I nominate Marjorie an excellent teacher.


"I love both the Pilates Barre and Pilates Classical Mat classes offered here! The instructors, Marjorie and Julia, are very knowledgeable. The classes are small, so they're able to insure that all participants are doing the exercises correctly, whether you're a beginner or more advanced. I've been going for a few months and I see great results! I also think it's fun and actually look forward to going to each class!"


"Enjoyed Rebounding with Pilates last Saturday! What a fun way to get a work out. Marjorie is so creative in planning this class and I was surprised by how many ways she could use a mini trampoline to give us a total aerobic and strength building activity ! I look forward to the next class planned for Saturday June 24!"


"This was my very first pilates class and my experience was very positive! Even though I wasn't experienced I didn't feel awkward or out of place.  Our instructor took the time to explain each part of the routine and offered me modifications if I was unable to perform a certain move. I never felt overwhelmed or unable to participate. I plan to attend class again and look forward to building my skills. Thank you for an amazing intro to pilates!"


"I'm so glad I discovered the Pilates Salon. This is the best workout I've been able to find, packed into one hour. The best, that is, for those who want a lean, slim silhouette. I took ballet for years and wanted to return to class as an adult. But all I really wanted was the intensity of a good barre workout. And here it is! Marjorie is terrific. And you can really see the results of a continuous commitment to the process by taking a look at the figures of the regulars in the class. btw, it's great toning for the arms as well as the legs. And let's not forget the core work!!"


“I have been doing a variety of exercises my entire adult life. I find that the Pilates classes  Marjorie provides at her studio is a high caliber of training for all fitness levels. Due to her expertise she can advise any client modifications appropriate to their ability. As a Physical Therapist I can attest to the safety and benefits of this low impact workout. After a class I feel invigorated and appropriately sore in all the right places. Most everyone can benefit from the detail to core strengthening emphasized with pilates. We are fortunate to have such an expert in our area and the studio is conveniently located. It is is a warm and welcoming environment as well."


I was having lots of back pain. I tried the chiropractor, deep tissue massage and a few other things and was still having pain running. Pilates has improved that tremendously! The stretching and building of my core did just the trick!"


Marjorie is a fantastic instructor! I have been taking her Pilates classes - each kind! - for over two years and my body is thankful. My core and back are stronger, which makes running and cycling easier. I've had less injuries and felt my flexibility increase. Marjorie is very attentive and helpful. She's a joy!"


"I was surprised to conclude that after coming to the Cardiolates class for about a month many of my symptoms of irritable bowel, indigestion, and cramps have disappeared. I have not done anything differently diet-wise. I have been trying to solve this problem for a very long time. The only thing I can attribute this change to is the Cardiolates class. So, I am very happy."

-P. S.

"Class and instruction is well choreographed. Marjorie has a keen eye and will always make sure you are doing a move correctly.  I enjoy the calmness of the Salon, the people, the variety of classes and times, one instructor and her in-depth knowledge of the body (very important).  Anyone can do Pilates, especially at The Pilates Salon in Endwell!"

-J. F.

"Marj’s pilates barre class is a great workout…you feel the burn!  For a lot of exercises Marj shows beginner, intermediate, and advanced variations so you can customize your workout for your level, which I absolutely love! There has been a major improvement in my posture and an overall enhancement to my muscle tone. Being new to pilates, I really like the personalized attention that I get to help me achieve the correct form. Marj is truly an amazing instructor…this class would not be as good anywhere else!”

 -T. C.

"Although I had never done pilates before, Marjorie made me feel right at home. She provides a lot of one on one time which is extremely important especially when you are first starting out. I really love the music that she plays during the sessions too! Overall, the workouts are challenging but the classes are lots of fun!"


"Marjorie is an excellent instructor. She is disciplined and always provides a complete workout with proper technique and alignment of primary importance. If I am tired or have sore muscles from a sport (cycling/skiing), she is able to adjust the lesson while still providing a thorough workout. She focuses on a problem area to help work through strength or stiffness problems. I highly recommend her."


"Pilates has been the one workout that I have stayed with because of how it makes me feel. Marjorie is an excellent instructor, extremely knowledgeable, and a beautiful example herself of pilates results. Most importantly, she takes an active interest in my personal goals and expectations and always keeps my physical limitations in mind so we can easily work through and around them."


"I have been taking Marjorie's classes for almost a year. I recently started taking both mat classes she offers weekly. I appreciate the fact that she instructs for both beginner and intermediate individuals in the class. I feel challenged in each class and can see my body changing with each week. I also love her music!!"


"Anybody who is serious about getting in shape knows that pilates is the best way to go, and Marjorie is the best person to teach you that. She is friendly and at the same time very professional."


"Taking mat classes with Marjorie is so delightful! She explains every exercise clearly, and shows beginner variations as well, in case you're not quite there yet. The Pilates Conditioning class is tough, but I always walk away from it feeling like I accomplished something. Pilates has been an amazing experience, and I feel stronger and more flexible even after only a few short months. Marjorie is so helpful and a great instructor!"


"Pilates with Marjorie is the best decision I have made! I truly love coming to individual and mat classes each week. The sessions are always new and exciting, and I always look forward to a great workout. By incorporating pilates into my weekly exercise routine, I am finally getting the results I’ve wanted! I feel more toned, flexible and my overall strength has improved. Marjorie is an amazing instructor, very motivating and extremely knowledgeable. I am so happy to have found The Pilates Salon!"


"Marjorie Donovick is by far the best fitness instructor with whom I have ever worked. She thoroughly demonstrates and explains each exercise to your level of understanding to ensure that you have proper form.  Her expertise, attention to detail, and her clear straight forward instructions allows you to get the most benefit from each exercise. My strength and flexibility have improved dramatically. I have also noticed that my abdominals and legs that are the most toned that they have ever been!  Three years ago I had a herniated disk and since then occasionally my back would still bother me. Since I have been Marjorie’s client, I have had no back issues. It is astounding! I love Marjorie!"


"Going to The Pilates Salon was the best decision I have made with an exercise class. I use both the mat and individual classes and have gained from both. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you will be able to make progress in this well instructed program. I have gained strength, flexibility, energy, and have noticed a trimmer appearance. I wish I had found this sooner!" 


"I've been doing individual pilates lessons with Marjorie twice a week for over two years and I've never felt better. I have gained strength, tone, flexibility, better posture and a new confidence. Marjorie offers a personalized program in a private atmosphere. Due to her expertise, I have found an exercise program that I know I will stick with."  


"After ten lessons with Marjorie, I am confident she will continue to increase my joints' range of motion, improve my muscle strength, flexibility, and posture. My energy, stamina, and tone are improving regularly. I am already standing taller and, to my delight, smiling more! Marjorie provides the personal attention that insures constant assessment of correct breathing, positions, and muscle use to achieve the greatest possible results. She customizes the optimum Pilates program for my body and her one-on-one provides a greater understanding of using my body properly while learning Pilates correctly. I am thrilled to be one of Marjorie's clients!"


"Marjorie is the best thing that has come to Binghamton. A month ago I could not touch my toes and now I can reach past them. My friends and family remark that I seem so much happier and I am because I feel better. My life has absolutely changed for the better since coming to The Pilates Salon."


"I never would have believed that I could do Pilates and that it would make such a difference in how I look and feel. Marjorie uses a variety of techniques to describe each exercise helping me make the mental and physical connection with my muscle movements."


"Marjorie offers an outstanding fitness value in her mat classes.  I have taken a wide range of aerobics, conditioning, dance and other fitness training, and find Marjorie's classes to be unique in combining an effective varied workout with a relaxing low-key atmosphere. She provides easy to follow verbal instructions and very clear demonstrations. She suggests alternatives for participants of different fitness levels or for people with injuries. Her class is an oasis of self-care, enhanced by the diverse and interesting music she plays at low volume during class. Without creating a feeling of hurry, Marjorie starts and ends on time and never wastes a moment. It's a bargain at $12.50 per class." 


"I highly recommend Marjorie’s private pilates classes at The Pilates Salon to anyone who is ready to make a serious commitment to improving her or his personal well-being. She communicates the vision of the discipline very clearly. What I find particularly striking about Marjorie is her refreshing integrity and candor. When Marjorie compliments your progress, you can feel assured that this assessment is genuine!"


"I am fairly new at my Pilates practice. I started in June 2008. I have taken Pilates here in the Binghamton area, as well as NYC. Every time I travel, I look for a Pilates studio, and take a private lesson or class. Marjorie is an excellent and skilled teacher. She has been working around a knee injury, and my knee is much improved. Marjorie offers encouragement, great practice tips, and a true passion for the Pilates method. I would highly recommend her. I have had the opportunity to experience several different instructors, and she is by far one of the best. We are lucky to have her here in the Triple Cities. Pilates makes me feel great, I am getting stronger and leaner. My only wish is that I could take a lesson every day!"