The Pilates Salon

The Pilates Salon offers one-on-one Pilates apparatus training and group Pilates mat, barre, and rebounding classes with certified instructors Marjorie Loughran and Julia Hartman.

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$15 — First visit single group class

$20 — Single group class

$140 — 10 pack of Group Classes for first-time 10 pack purchasers (expires 75 days from purchase)

$159 — Autumn Ab-Blast (3 x a week; 12 classes in 1 month)

$165 — 10 pack of Group Classes (expires 75 days from purchase)

$179 — Unlimited 30 Day Membership

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First-timers are welcome. All classes are 60 minutes. If you own a mat you may bring it however mats and all other props are provided. 

Registration Policy: Please register at least 1 hour prior to the start time of group class. To register you must first purchase a single class or a pack of classes or have an active membership. In order to ensure there is positive group energy and for the class to earn enough revenue to pay the instructor the studio requires at least 2 participants to be registered 1 hour prior to class. If there are 0 or only 1 participant registered for class 1 hour prior to class that class will be cancelled. In that case, that participant's class will be returned to their account, an automatic email will be sent by the Mindbody software alerting that person of the cancellation, and the instructor will send an immediate text message cancellation notification. If you do not use the Mindbody software please send the instructor a text to confirm your registration at least 1 hour prior to class.

24 hour Cancellation Policy: If you sign up for a group class online you may cancel up to 24 hrs before the start time of class without your account being charged. If you cancel less than 24 hrs before the start time of the class your account will be charged for the class. If you sign up for a class online and do not show up to that class your account will be charged. Classes have limited slots and if you sign up you are making that slot unavailable to another participant. Please cancel before 24 hours to avoid the late cancellation fee. 

Group Class Packs are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please use all of your group classes within the days allotted.  Unused classes will not be partially refunded. If you have a medical issue that prevents you from using all your classes within the allotted time, extensions (not refunds) will be granted.

Barre is a rigorous, effective aerobic and toning workout with a ballet barre and mini-ball. Class begins with a step cardio section to elevate the heart rate followed by an arm, shoulder, and back interval using 2-5 lb. weights. Next participants move to the barre to tone thighs, calves and gluteals. After an abdominal section on the mat, there is a cool down with stretching and spinal alignment exercises. This routine has a pilates feel due to the emphasis on form, lengthening, and breath. The goal of this workout is to elevate the heart rate and make the body strong, lean, and toned.

Pilates Mat is a total body workout that includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced modifications for all levels of participants. Class begins with a stretch section and then proceeds through the classical pilates mat repertoire. Exercises target abdominals; hip, thigh, and gluteal muscles; and shoulder, arm, and back muscles. Participants use the Magic Circle and mini-ball for enhancement. The goal of this workout is to improve strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, posture and alignment.

Rebounding is a fun, low-impact aerobic workout on a mini-trampoline with strengthening Pilates exercises. Participants execute aerobic and balletic choreography while bouncing down into the trampoline pad. Participants come to the mats for Pilates abdominal and gluteal work at the half way point to break up the cardio into two intervals. Class ends with a cool down stretch. *Wear sneakers to this class