The Pilates Salon

The Pilates Salon offers one-on-one Pilates apparatus training and group Pilates mat, barre, and rebounding classes with certified instructors Marjorie Loughran and Julia Hartman.

New Registration Policy for Group Classes

Please register at least 1 hour prior to the start time of group class. In order to ensure there is positive group energy and for the class to earn enough revenue to pay the instructor the studio requires at least 2 participants to be registered for class 1 hour before class begins. If there are 0 or only 1 participant registered for class 1 hour before class begins that class will be cancelled. In that case, that participant's class will be returned to their account, an automatic email will be sent by the Mindbody software alerting that person of the cancellation, and Marjorie will send an immediate text message cancellation notification. If you do not use the Mindbody software please send Marjorie a text to confirm your registration at least 1 hour prior to class.